I’m originally from Hull, in the north of England. These days, I live in McKinney, Texas, where I write software (which pays) and fiction (which doesn’t). I have a novel in first draft, which has led me down some of the paths of anime and game addiction that I plan to write about here.

Why I’m keeping this site – I’d like a place to write about some of these interests. There are better forums, but they tend to be ephemeral and not focused on the aspects of a series or a game that appeal to me. And I don’t have any control – I’ve lost too many minor creations to site crashes and demises or to messages scrolling off busy boards.

So I’d like to keep them here, even if I’m the only one who has any interest in what I’ve said in the past.

Since I created this blog, I decided I needed an “official” version, so I’ve moved this off to the side. You can find the boring new blog here.

The kanji on the main page (here – over the black-and-white image) is the fifth stanza of Kioku (meaning memory), penned by Kajiura Yuki, and performed by the duo of Kajiura and Ishikawa Chiaki, See-Saw. It’s a dark, rich song, with a very Japanese feel (traditional drums, strings and two-part voice). The lyrics are deeply melancholy, as many of her songs tend to be. She writes often of the past and parting.

If The Book has a theme song, Kioku is it. Especially the second and fifth stanzas.

Karappo no karada ni furisu motte yuku kioku
Watashi wa sukoshi-zutsu tsukutte mitashite
Sonna fuu ni hito wa hito no katachi ni naru no
Wasuretakunai omoi kokoro ni kasanete

Karappo datta mune ni ai to iu yuu no kioku
Kimi ga amaku nigaku sosoi de kureta
Ichido dake kimi no naka tashika ni todoita kara
Kono te wo nobasu koto kowaku wa nai no nido to

The memory pooling into the empty shell of my body
is shaping and filling me up a little at a time
That is the way humans take shape
by stashing into their hearts the feelings they don’t want to forget

Sweetly and bitterly you filled my empty heart
with the memory called love
Just once in my life I reached your heart for sure
so I’ll never be afraid to reach out my hand ever again…

If I can even begin to show in prose how this song captures Sara’s feelings, I will consider that a great success.