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27 Nov 2006



Yep, EQ2’s back to obession status. The new player race is wonderful. I’m having a great time playing a Fae. They’re just so much fun. The new zone is exactly right – an update of the old Greater Faydark, with lore to account for the differences. The music is an updated version of the old Kelethin music – Kelethin, with some of the melodic content of the old Plane of Growth Tower, and the same high quality as the rest of EQ2.

Kelethin was the home of the wood elves in EQ1. It was in the center of Greater Faydark – it still is – but when I started EQ1 as a high elf I had no idea how close it was. I found it by accident, and thought that I had run for miles, when in fact it was just a short path between Felwithe, the High Elf city, and Kelethin. Short, but lethal to a level 1 or 2 newcomer. Even more so if you ventured off the path, which I did all the time. Gawd, but that was a scary time.

It’s all very nostalgic and very current at the same time.

Crushbone Keep – I remember from EQ1 how lethal that place was as a relative newbie. The new version is a much higher level, but advancement is easier, so it’s relatively about the same as Crushbone in EQ1, which is just right. Of course, I haven’t ventured beyond the entryway yet. It’s scary.

Dancer is a shaman. A mystic, as a good race shaman are called. This is the first time I’ve tried a shaman, and it’s working well – though how well she’ll perform in a group, I don’t know. Shamans used to be crucial in EQ1, but now other classes can slow, and shaman healing is weak. So I’ve yet to see how capable she is.

The in-game economy is all screwed up, with high-level players paying huge amounts to equip their new Fae characters (“twinking”), and paying astronomical sums for harvested material for the new tradeskills. I’m supplying both markets while they’re like this, and getting rich in in-game terms, but I hope that things will return to normal soon.

Now that I’ve explored as my Fae, I think I’ll be able to let the game idle for a while. It’s time to put some effort into chapter 2.

Also, simoun-fans is moving again. I’m falling behind, and avoiding spoilers again. Since it has been so long, I can’t just catch up; I’ve forgotten too much. So I’ll go back and watch from the beginning.

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