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14 Nov 2006

EQ2 – new expansion!


It seems that EverQuest II is back on the menu. I’ve been playing again for a couple of days. Mainly just tradeskilling, though I’ve been having a lot of fun working on my lowbie warlock.

I haven’t really been watching the status of the new expansion, but it turns out that I’ve returned just in time for it. I’d been planning to get it anyway, but this is convenient. Everything I’ve heard about it has been good. I already have a name “reserved” for my Fae – there’s a level 1 barbarian named Dancer who will never be played. As soon as the servers are up and I get chance to log in, I’ll delete her and create a Fae with that name. A shaman, I think. I’ve never played an EQ shaman.

I wasn’t thinking about the expansion when I wrote about the early days in Greater Faydark. It’s certainly not going to have the same feel for me as that time, but I do like that they’re bringing the city and forest back. It has the potential to be a lovely place.

Servers down today because of the expansion – and probably rocky for a few days yet, though Sony has done a far better job than Blizzard on pushing out updates efficiently. With luck, Dancer the Fae will be floating around sometime late this evening.

Update: Agh. It won’t be this evening. Still 9 hours of patches to download. Maybe I need to do something useful, like work on Chapter 2…