08 Nov 2006

yume miru


When I think of the things I obsess over, music is not something that comes to mind. Yet it’s probably as significant as any. The big difference being that listening to and obsessing over music doesn’t get in the way of most other things I do. I have my iPod, after all.

What it means is that the music I listen to is a narrow selection – not a narrow range, but the pieces I’ve discovered within a particular category – I listen to those over and over again.

Back in high school it was Tschaikowsky, Brahms and Sibelius, in about that order. Genesis (yes, they existed back then, with Peter Gabriel as front man), Focus (appropriately enough) and a few others. For a long time in college I listened to very little but “Crime of the Century” (Supertramp).

More recently it has been mainly anime music (of course). Before I saw .Hack//SIGN and got hooked on Kajiura Yuki’s soundtrack music, it was Final Fantasy X. Suteki da ne (isn’t it beautiful), the love theme / ending theme (and Yuna’s theme, in a modified version) still makes me sad. So did senyaichiya (1001 nights) (from .Hack//SIGN and .Hack//Liminality) for a long time. When I listened to it constantly, I had just quit EverQuest, leaving behind right around three years of memories and online friendships. Oddly enough, that’s just a little over 1000 days…

Don’t make the 1,000 nights disappear. I stand up to walk a lonely path.

I wanted to at least remember your gentle words,
remember the 1,000 nights that disappeared in a single night…

In a similar vein, I wanted to make a “farewell” video for my time in World of Warcraft. I had the entire thing choreographed in my mind. I was going to use asu e no brilliant road by angela, one version of which is slow and sentimental. I had it so completely mapped out that when I hear the song, now, I see Erice flying on a gryphon… I contented myself with writing a farewell story, and never did use the music, but I wish I’d been able to make the video.

I started thinking about this when I updated the “about” page for this blog. If Kajiura’s Kioku is the theme song for The Book, her soundtrack music for Noir and .Hack have been its soundtrack. I’ve listened to little else while I’ve been writing, and that’s still true as I return to the effort.

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  1. […] At about the midpoint, Yuna is captured, and in her absence, Tidus learns the truth about the pilgrimage from her other companions. He’s devastated, not only by her plans, but by what he’s unwittingly said and done. They’re reunited and admit their love in an absolutely beautiful but heartbreakingly sad full motion video, using the song Suteki da ne. Which is why that song can still upset me, and why it rarely leaves my playlist for long. Beyond just the sorrowful nature of this scene, the words foreshadow the ending, too: “I dream” (yume miru). Isn’t it beautiful, to walk together hand in hand? I would like to go to your town, your home, your arms. […]

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