04 Nov 2006

Another blog…


I’m wondering whether to make a public blog, and move this off to the side.

It looks like I finally have the chance to join a decent critiquing group – which is something I’ve been trying to find for over a year now. ‘Course, they all have blogs…

Having set this up, and hacking WordPress for the “Skeptics Project”, I’m pretty familiar with the tools, now, but I’m just not sure I have anything to say. But the idea of a two-layer blog, with a few public comments on the main and a less public blog of obsessions does seem like a decent plan.

Update: I’ve moved this blog’s URL. http://www.iain.com/ is now an “official” blog.

Current obsessions: (anime) Simoun
(writing) “Skeptics project”
(Currently reading) Wintersmith (Terry Pratchett)

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