23 Oct 2006

The not-so-private blog


I lurk in the #simoun IRC channel (waiting for episode 17 still – it’s a release candidate now! And others coming up quickly…). In trading information with one of the channel operators, I gave him the email address that I use, plus my main email address (which is currently unusable, since I’m over 10,000 spam messages out of date). He said “oh, yeah, I think I was reading your blog recently.”

My response: “Oh, god, how?”

I know that this blog isn’t private. That’s why there’s nothing personal in here. But I didn’t expect it to be “discovered” for any reason so quickly. I guess the automated updating tools that keep blog space current work efficiently. Plus he was looking for entries about Simoun on Google’s blog search, which narrows the field significantly. Still, it was a shock.

I have two goals for this site: 1) my own amusement, and 2) a way to outline my thoughts as I head into version 3 of The Book. It seems (and has been, so far) useful to me to lay out the obsessions that have led to where I am, and that will both feed and distract from the process of creating the story I want to tell – and to do that in a sufficiently public way that I really have to think about what I’m doing.

That’s the main point to a blog, as such, rather than a diary or private text file. I wouldn’t bother to keep a diary up to date. I’ve tried it before, and it just doesn’t happen. After a few entries I’m bored, and what I do write is clumsy and self-centered. That may also be true here, but there’s a constraint to make my thoughts presentable, if not interesting.

So, yes, I know that this is public, and it’s true that the selection set that led to discovery was small (i.e. it’s not that small a world, still). Nevertheless, it’s a surprise to learn that it is so easy to be found.

Current obsessions: (anime) Simoun
Elfen Lied

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