18 Oct 2006



I’m rewatching Strawberry Panic!. On second viewing, I see that there’s foreshadowing. Not subtle (which would be unexpected for this series), but moving nonetheless. [spoiler /Foreshadowing – ending spoiler/ /Hide spoiler/] Suzumi Tamao’s poem about hopeless devotion to an unreachable rainbow is clearly predicting her unrequited love for Aoi Nagisa.[/spoiler]

I found a review of Erementar Gerad at the Anime News Network. No, I’m not still obsessing, but I am trying to find details of the soundtrack, and I stumbled across this. It’s a good review. Basically condemns the show – for all the right reasons – and says why it’s still so much fun. It’s true. This is definitely not one of the world’s great series, but it’s surprisingly enjoyable to watch. I’d also agree that while Ren is cute, she really is far too withdrawn to be an interesting lead. She acquires something of a personality later in the series, but good grief, let her at least open those unfocused eyes occasionally. “Coud” is sometimes the only word she seems capable of saying. [spoiler /Mild spoiler/ /Hide spoiler/] And both she and Coud give up on each other far too often. Happening once is required by the cliché, but this gets old.[/spoiler]

All things considered, it really is surprising that Erementar Gerad is fun to watch.

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