17 Oct 2006

Erementar Gerad – Complete


Postponing the last four episodes was definitely a good idea. It would have been hard to take a break between them. Yeah, okay, it’s mostly been done before, but it was still a good story.

I did mean to mention the reason I watched it in the first place. Reading the description made me think it may have been a source that Simoun copied, but there’s no connection. Simoun’s mystical skywriting may have been done before, but it wasn’t here.

Also – one major defect in Erementar Gerad was the narration. We didn’t really need a recap at the beginning of each episode. But far worse were the interruptions to explain technical points. If they can’t be done in context, the storytelling has failed. That was mostly confined to the early episodes, fortunately, but it was still annoying. There was too much monologuing in the last two episodes, too.

Still, they’re fairly minor problems in a decent series. Probably not one I’ll watch again, but you never know.

Edit: I’m already finding myself slightly depressed that I’m no longer part of that world. That’s one of the marks of a good obsession. I guess I’ll leave it on the list for a day or two. I’ll especially miss the opening – though I now have the song on my current playlist. It’s a high-energy techno track that sounds completly typical of an anime opening piece, but it’s highly catchy. I don’t think I’ll be letting go of it anytime soon, either. (Forever, by Savage Genius.)

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Erementar Gerad

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