11 Oct 2006

Kashimashi – Girl Meets Girl


A short – but quite sweet – series. Yet another “yuri based on a silly premise because we can’t really have girls liking girls, can we?” shōjo anime. About as silly a concept as Simoun – but as a comedy it doesn’t need to take its excuses seriously.

A somewhat effeminate (but straight) boy, Hazumu, is wandering in the woods after being spurned by a girl he’s been in love with for a long time. While there, he’s smacked by a wayward spaceship, and the alien on board – who just happens to be studying earth love – repairs him and returns him. But incidentally turns him into a girl, for reasons never explained. That’s silly plot twist #1.

Silly plot twist #2 is that the girl he confessed his love to – she can’t see boys. Not that she doesn’t like them, she can’t see them – anyone male is a grey blur to her. Hazumu was the one exception, because he always seemed so feminine – but since he was a boy, she was afraid he’d fade, too, which is why she turned him down. Now that she’s a girl, however…

With Hazumu’s closest female companion deciding she’s also been in love Hazuku from early childhood, and her best (male) friend also attracted to her, the series becomes a very odd harem anime. Add in the annoying sister in the form of the alien’s companion to get a complete set.

Given such a silly and purely comedic background, the series is surprisingly tender as well as funny. The harem really is more for form than substance – the real romantic ties are between Hazumu and her two girlfriends. She is an admitted coward, and painfully indecisive, and hurts them both with her inability to commit. The final episode (there are only twelve) is very touching, and has a wonderfully ambiguous ending.

One thing that’s not funny or touching – something I find quite disturbing, personally – is the reaction of Hazuma’s father to her. Incest fantasies are not something I thing belong in a light / comedic show.

The series is already licensed. I hope the distributor does as good a job with it as it deserves.

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