10 Oct 2006

Trust and Betrayal


I finally finished watching Samurai X – Trust and Betrayal. I’ve had the DVD in the queue for a while, but I haven’t done anything with it – mainly because I knew it would take a lot of attention, and I was too busy playing WoW or EQ2.

It’s a brutal movie (created from a set of OVAs), and somewhat predictable (or at least I’d expected most of the turns), but it’s still very good. The level of gore compares to that in Kill Bill, but here it serves a purpose, and there’s a real plot.

Trust an Betrayal is a prequel to all of the Rurouni Kenshin works: movie(s), manga and TV anime. It tells of how and why Kenshin becomes a manslayer, and why he vows to turn his back on killing and make amends. Beautifully tragic, though some of the impact there is lost by it being predictable – and by knowing something about Kenshin’s later journeys.

It does make me interested in seeing the series, although not as a high priority. It’s very unlikely that the series can compare to this movie.

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