03 Oct 2006

Goodnight, Utena!


I’ve finally put Utena to bed… so to speak. 39 episodes of Revolutionary Girl Utena was a slog, but worth it – mostly. I don’t really see why it couldn’t have been 13, or at most 26.

Well beyond surreal into silly, a lot of the time, but within the limitations of what seems at times to be a parody of John Fowles, the story was quite good, and completely redeemed by the warped-but-powerful ending. Utena is a female lead with a lot of power, and very human without descending into a lot of angst.

[spoiler /Very mild ending spoiler/ /Hide spoiler/] Anthy’s transformation makes the ending work; it would be too ambiguous except that you know the new Anthy is going to succeed in her quest.[/spoiler]

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Reading: The Narrows (Michael Connelly)

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